English language courses

If you are looking for quality and treasure your time, EC Durbe is the right choice! 

We have designed new, progressive and high-quality English language courses (evening English in mini groups, Business English and Individual English courses) for beginners and students with previous knowledge of English according to the latest innovations in language teaching industry which have great success in all levels from A2 to B1. 

  • The communicative approach is the basic method when the learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition are used, and this allows them to learn how to use the language in different situation outside the classroom.
  • Teachers use audio-lingual, direct and the method of a natural approach and they don’t translate but use only the target language.
  • The texts provide not only context for grammar and vocabulary but systematically develop students’ reading and listening skills. All grammar points are contextualized and students analyze and understand grammar through an inductive approach with reference to examples in the texts.
  • Emphasis is on the development of independent learning across all levels including the extensive work on study skills, good study habits and self-assessment.


For the additional information please write to pasts@durbe.edu.lv(link sends e-mail) or call 67844442.

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