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This fall season we offer study programs in the Russian language courses menu . The main ingredients of language courses are - intensity, dynamism, and quality. Choose the most suitable for yourself: Evening Russian , Latvian and English language courses in mini-groups – a dynamic study for 8 weeks. Due to a high intensity of the learning process and individual communicative approach, courses... lasīt vairāk

Evening language courses (RussianLatvianEnglish languages) in Mini groups are perfect if you want to spend your evenings with a... lasīt vairāk

The course is for non-native and native speakers of Russian teaching at primary, secondary, vocational schools, colleges and universities or language centres for adults at Beginners to Intermediate level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1).

The participants can choose to study 1 or 2 weeks, with the following methodology topics to be covered:

WEEK 1... lasīt vairāk

General information about the course requirements:

Minimum age:  16 years. 

Minimum enrolment: for evening courses - 8 weeks, for morning / afternoon Russian language courses - 1 week.

Academic lesson length: for evening courses - 40 minutes, for morning/afternoon Russian language courses -  50 minutes.

Starting dates:... lasīt vairāk

Education centre Durbe is a learner-focused and action-oriented teaching institution with effective use of the „can do” statements as learning objectives. We believe that effective collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students is based on the teachers monitoring the teaching process and adjusting teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of students understanding. The study process lead by the teacher takes into... lasīt vairāk

The communicative approach is the basic method when the learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition are used, and this allows them to learn how to use the language in different situation outside the classroom.

Lessons are only in the target language and teachers explain everything ... lasīt vairāk

If you are looking for quality and treasure your time, EC Durbe is the right choice! Your main interests might be:


Latvian language courses in Riga

Due to the fact which we found out that it is extremely hard to find good quality Latvian language courses in Riga and that we do have all needed knowledge and experience in this area, we have designed new, progressive and high quality Latvian language... lasīt vairāk


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