We offer individual Russian language courses with possibilities to set your own study days, times and intensity.

Lessons take place on working days from 08.00 till 21.00. The minimum intensity - 4 lessons/academic (40min) hours a week. A minimum number of lessons booked - 10 lessons.

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This summer season we offer study programs in the Russian language courses menu . The main ingredients of language courses are - intensity, dynamism, and quality. Choose the most suitable for yourself: Evening Russian , Latvian and English language courses in mini-groups – a dynamic study for 8 weeks. Due to a high intensity of the learning process and individual communicative approach, courses... lasīt vairāk

Course objective – to activate and improve the skills and knowledge of Business Russian language to apply for professional activities and international communication.

Course length: 4 weeks, 24 academic hours
Frequency: 2 academic hours per day 3 times a week from 18:10 till 19... lasīt vairāk

Dear clients! EC Durbe office is currently working remotely. In case of any questions please write to: pasts@durbe.edu.lv or call +371-67223122. Thank you for understanding. April 28, 2021 In the summer season in the foreign language courses menu EC Durbe offers 2 study programs for Russian, Latvian and English languages. The main ingredients for language courses are - intensity, dynamism, and... lasīt vairāk

The new language course season is here and the registration is already open! Brand new courses of the upcoming season are Business Russian, Latvian and... lasīt vairāk

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